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I need to talk, got in an accident today

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Well i just got into my forst accident. And it wasnt bad or ne thing. I just rear ended the car in front of me. But i feel like sh*t. I felt bad enough and i came home and my mom made me feel worse. She was yellin at me and im so sensitive to begin with. I feel like depressed now. I wish it didnt hapen to me and ive just been crying for like an hour now. Im also upset that my car looks the way it does. My car is my baby, and i kno that sounds childish but it is my life. Everyone is ok, no one got hurt. But i dont kno wut im lookin to hear from u guys, but i just feel so bad right now. I kno i sould be careful, i kno all taht stuff i just need to talk. and right now im like depressing over it b/c im thinkin......i want a bf who i could have called adn cried to, or gone ot his house and talked. Im having such an awful day now. someone please talk . thanks

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The first question should always be: Are you okay? Did you get hurt?


I take it not, which is a relief.


Accidents (or shall I say collisions) do happen. Maybe you were careless, who knows. Let's not judge. Bet you one thing for sure though, whoever it happened, it;s not very likely to happen again, is it?


Doesn't sound too bad. Sounds like maybe your car can be fixed. If not, there are other cars!!


You may very well be in some form of shock though. It's a traumatic experience regardless of how or why it happens. Don't discount that there could be somewhat of a sound medical reason you're so upset about it. I'm sure you'll be okay, but you may be feeling physiological effects from the stress. So, take care of yourself today.


It is too bad there's nobody you can talk to. Maybe another friend, maybe an aunt or uncle?


Hope you feel better tomorrow.

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Ya its just bringin out like all these other feelings that ive been bottling up inside me. And like i love my car so much, i want it fixed. Its just the front and its not bad but i love the way my car looks, and now thats changed. I just dont kno why all these other emotions are coming out. like i wasnt crying over the accident i was crying because i wanna see this kid steve that i like, and is in my previous posts from last week or before that or sumthin.


But how to i forget about this accident? How long do u guys thaink it will be before my car can be fixed? ahhhhhhhhh i just feel so bad, and its not even as bad as everyone elses problems on this forum, but i ant focus on ANYTHING right now. i have so much work tointe and i cant do ne of it. theres prolly gunna be more venting coming cuz i just need to talk lol. ( but i did talk to my aunt who is awesome and she made me feel so much better ) k well im out

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It's impossible to say how long it will take, or how much it will cost to get your car fixed without having a close look at it. Generally takes a few days though.


This may sound kind of dumb, but don't spend a lot of time looking at it if it bothers you. Drop it off at whatever shop it will be repaired at (if that's where it's going) and don't dwell on how it looks at the moment.


Feelings for most people are all tied up together and rolled into one. Something bad happens here, it makes you feel down over there. Same thing with happy emotions too though. If something good happens tomorrow morning, everything won't seem so bad.


I don't know if you can make yourself forget about the accident. That will just happen over time. Luckily we humans often do lose detail faster over the bad things than the good because we don't want to remember. Just tell yourself there's nothing you can do about it now, it's in the past, and deal with the new things that happen day to day instead.

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you never forget your first accident. i had 3 and i am still driving. let me see now. the first one, i was in a strange mood, so i didn't brake approaching a turn, with a zebra crossing. so when the van in front stopped, i bumped into him. nothing much happened to the van, but my front was crushed and the radiator was leaked.


had to make a police report and insurance claim, so that the van can claim for bumper repairs. didn't even think to put a disposable camera in my car to take pics of damage extent. anyway, the van's owner was pretty decent (company property) and the major cost was on my side. the insurance paid up. i had to cough up a couple hundred bucks too.


i should know about loving your car. i handwash several times a week, and polish my car every week inside and out.


car was fixed up in a week. but until now, i can't forget that accident, and every time i approach that turn or pass by that road, i remember. so that's at least 5 years now.


after the accident, the car was like no longer a virgin, but i still faithfully cleaned her. after all, i was the one in the wrong


so what if nobody died? i hate it when people try and console me and say, "at least no one was injured or died" heck, my car is hurting, and by corollary, so's me. just leave me alone, i'll be ok.


hope you will be ok too, soon. but for a week or so, you'll have the jitters. and you will try to be more careful in future, but i doubt it. otherwise, i won't have the 2 more accidents. but don't stop driving. that's life.

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