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Need urgent help with a girl


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Hello Everyone,


I really need everyone's help and specially a girl's point of view. There is a girl that I really like and that we have talking to one another on the phone. About week and half ago she broke up with her boyfriend of three years. He was just getting to pyscho about her cheating on him and that he get so jealous so easily. She got so tired of it when other guys look her and he wants to start fight with any guy that looks at her. He just gets so over protective and jealousy. She said jealousy is one of the main reason that she can't stand to be with him again. She told him that she is not happy with him and that she needs time to be away from him. After she broke up with her boyfriend, she and I would talk alot on the phone pratically almost everyday and sometimes twice a day. However, her interests about me varies from week to week. So last Sunday, I think I made the mistake of telling her that I like her. I know that it might be mitake for me to tell her that. But I was getting so fruastred because I just really want to know that if she is interested about me. She told me that she was glad that I told her and that she said that she was interested in me, but she just broke up with ther boyfriend. Her friends said that just don't get back into again. I told her that I totally understand and that I just want to get to know her better and let her get to know me. I don't want to rush it either. Plus I told her I just don't want to me some rebound guy that she goes out with for couple weeks and then to be dumped by her. I don't know if I am doing the right thing. I am trying to limit myself not to overwhlem her so much and that trying not call her all the time. I just want to do the right thing because I really like and that I think that we have potentail. I need everyone advice on this please, ASAP.


Thank you all,


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I feel you are doing all the right things! Good for you for understanding that she needs time to herself right now. Trust me, you definitely dont want to rush something like this. When the right moment comes, you will know and so will she. You are giving her time to get to know you and for you to get to know her... that is the best idea!! Keep it up, and with time, if things continue to move in this direction, I'm sure you will be happy with the outcome!


Best of luck!

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I think that you really like this girl, and that nothing should stop you from liking her. I understand that she has had a long relationship with another guy, but all you need to do is not rush it. Call her at least once a day, try not to skip days, and tell her how you feel about her, just the way you said it above. Explain it to her, without making her feel that you are pushing it really fast. You have to gently sway around her, then grab her and never let go. Try to be confident. Her old boyfriend should just get over her, and she should just know that if he still wants her, its time for him to get a life, and for her to move on.

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