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What's with this guy? need help FAST!

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Here's what's going on... there is this guy, ever since I told him I like him, I'll come online and before I get a chance to say anything, he blocks me. I don't get it... he talks to me all the time at school and is all nice and everything and it seems like he likes me. He always talks to me and stares at me and smiles and is loud to try and impress me... all that stuff He started doing this at the beginnig of last week. On the weekend he came on and stayed on and I just didn't say anything to him at all... he got offline and came on later and he was like "HEY (My name)!!!" and all this suff and was talking to me and crap. I just got on msn a litle while ago and I wasn't even gonna talk to him cuz I wanted to see if he'd talk to me first... he blocked me like 10 seconds after i got on. So I put my status thingy to 'away' and about 5 mins later he unblocked me... ten minutes later I took the 'away' thing off and like a10 seconds later he blocked me again!!! and yes... I know that he IS blocking me because I figured he was so I made a new address and when he still had me blocked. I went on msn for that address and added him and he came right on and was like "Hey, who's this?" then when he found out it was me... I got on my normal MSN and he wasn't on... about 30 seconds later he unblocked me. He must think I'm really stupid eh? I have no idea what's goin on... or what to think!!! It's like he's two totally different people sometimes... but even when we DO get the chance to talk online he's just as good as at school!! I don't understand and I really need some help on this one!! lol thanks a million!! ~Skittles~

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lol hahaha id have to say thats the funniest thing ever!!! hahahahaha man what a looser...hahah.


ok down to business. first off well done! you figured him out and ACTUALLY made proof of it. hahaha i also have a feeling that some people have mee blocked on msn, but you see im a REALLY bad person. coz i have my moods on the net, where sometimes i just dont want to talk to anyone, so what i do is i have EVERYONE on my list under block. mean, yes. but you see if i need to come on the net only for a sec, like just checking email and such, i cant really start a convo anyways. when im on longer i usually unblock everyone who's online. haha who knows he might do the same? just that i love talking to people in real life, but on the net, i get REAL lazy, and sometimes cant be bothered talking to anyone!


id feel real bad if i was chatting, and didnt want to, so all i'd be doing is giving quick responses like "yep.....uhuh" and so on.


im not sure what he's thinking, but if hes lazy, then thats probably it. im sure it has nothing to do with you if he's different in real life. he's probably just not a chatting person unless he feels like it.


hahah again WELL DONE, very clever idea finding him out. hahahaha

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Hi Everyone,


I suspect that this guy is doing this to get your attention !!!!!!!!!! Simple eh !!!!!?!!!


The reason I say that is the "you going to busy status" and what he did then. There is no reason he would unblock you when you went "away" and re-block you come back "online".


You should do a test on him. Sign online - and leave your status as online. Unblock him. He obviously need to be online at the time. Anyway - unblock him, and he will get a message that you have signed on. Then wait. See what he does - see if he blocks you. If he does, again as normal, change to "on the phone" or something and sit and watch. Now he will look and see, "on the phone". Then he will unblock you. He will do this to be sure that when you come back online, he will block you again to get some attention !!


I may be wrong of course, but I suspect he is too chicken to say what he actually want to say. You might have to drag it out of him!


Let me know if I'm right ! I'd love to know


Hope this helps you some,

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