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Can't read her body language

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Hey, I'm new here, and I'm posting this because I don't know what else to do. I've been talking to this girl, who I work with. I'm crazy about her. I took her out for her birthday (just dinner and we sat in my car and talked for an hour), and I took her to dinner and a movie last friday. Since we work together pretty much every other day, we see each other a lot. But she used to never talk to me that much, only when I said something first. I had put my notice in to quit(but ended up not quitting), we actually spent my last hour with her talking and joking around.

The thing is, I make her laugh a lot, and she goes out with me, but I can't tell if she likes me at all. I mean, she NEVER calls me unless shes calling me back, and in I can't read her body language, like when we're at dinner. I don't think she has a lot of dating experience, so that may be a sign. But I just want to know how do I know if she feels the same way about me, or if she want's me to take the relationship a step further? Thanks in advance.

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she might just be shy. when me & my bf first started hanging out, i was like her... didn;t call him unless he called me first, he had a hard time reading me. he didn't know how i felt about him until he asked. maybe you could tell her how you feel about her & ask if she feels the same. or next time you are talking to her, ask her what her opinion is about you.

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most of the time, the guy has to do the romancing. if you are not willing to put in the work (which may eventually lead to nothing), then forget it.


it's got nothing to do with body language. if you work hard enough at chasing the girl, one day, her body language will speak to you loud and clear!

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Well good luck steakhouse. I didn't have time to elaborate before but in case you aren't doin it yet here goes:


Isn't life all about takin chances? you shouldn't think about things, just do it because you know, chances are you'll never be able to predict the future. But life's just too short, screw thinkin twice.


What if she's just feelin what u're feelin, someone's gotta spill it out sonner or later, sure u might screw ur friendship ova for a while but at least he'll kno and u might get a chance in the future. Like me, I was in the same situation and now me and my really good friend's togetha.


So what if u do screw up the friendship, if you're so close already, it'll just take some time before you're back 2 ur old friend style again because like it's virtually impossible to drift away from best friends unless you don't do anything about it.


I think it's just you thinkin too much and worrying about things before they surpass but I suppose, sometimes people like to be prepared even though there's just way too many possiblities lol "ooh.. the possibilities" - some sorta toy ad catchphrase. Anyway, right back to this, even if u do worry, somethin else you might not b prepared for might occur, then wouldn't it have been a waste of time?


I think you should tell, coz you know it's definitely the best way i reckon. Because that way you wouldn't waste your time, if she says no, u'll know what she feels sooner and plus, even if she says no, at least she knows you like her and now so she could reconsider. (when it doesn't go the way u plan..this is the paragraph 4 u)


Don't think twice. Go for it. Like I said, life's way too short once you get down to it.


'luck once again, don't kick urself if it doesn't work. at least u tried and that's all that matters.


Happy Heb

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