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hmm what do i do now

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Thanks for reading


Hi guys I joint a dating service and well I wrote to this girl, whose profile really appealed to me and she replied back with this;


thanks i got ur message...yeah, i like to make friends and tnx for letting me know dat ur one of them.....GOD BLESS


SO I am stumped how I should reply to her now , I mean what can I write back to know her better


I had originally written to her that if she was looking for a friend then I was willing !


So now what do I do I have no idea


do you think my approach Is correct like in just saying hi and want to be a friend , I mean any ideas


thanks guys/gals I really appreciate this


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Yeah. I think you should write back and ask her general questions about herself. Don't try to delve beneath the surface until you understand her better. Once you know her better (a few writings later) ask her out to lunch or somthin'. You are both clear that you want friendship. Thus their will be no awkwardness in expectations. And who knows? You might get along very well.. if you get me.

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Hmm okay she considers me her friend , but where do I start I mean is she really interested , can I gauge that from her response .


What could I ask her that she wouldn’t take like as offensive , WHERE DO I BEGIN ??


I have never done this before online dating messaging ; what would be like a good question to ask her , please can u guys clue me on this … any and all ideas welcome



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I would like to get to know you better, its just that I am really new to this and don’t have a clue, so what are your hobbies, do you like to go out or read books, poetry or what kind of music do you like


So do you think my response above is fine , I don’t want to sound offensive or pushy


let me know guys/gals

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What i have found useful in developing a friendship with someone online and the like. Is to find a common ground, so delph into yerself. What do you like a lot? You like making music, tell her that. That you make music and like many different kinds "name kinds" ask her what she likes then for example?


If you both like it you have a common ground it's an interest you both share, thus will make talking quite a bit easier. Eventually you'll learn more and more about one another, just don't rush things. Getting to know someone can truly take a lot of time, especially one of the other sex.


Finding a common ground will make it all quite a bit easier, then you can just go on asking. It might be helpful to meet online, like MSN, ICQ and the like. It can be easier after having mail communications for a while.


Hope this helped some

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Hiya ShyGuy,

Hmmmm...well i think everyone else has given you some pretty spot on ideas!!

i think you should sort of leave the door open if you know what i mean,ask her questions that she cant answer 'yes' or 'no' to.-so in affect she has to talk!! just keep it simple would be my advice,nothing to heavy,sont talk about anything serious just try to keep it lighthearted otherwise she might get scared away.

however i dont think that you should find out too much about her and vice versa because if you do meet up in person then you want something to be able to talk about! so find out what she likes,what she interested in,but dont wear the conversation thin on that particular subject,otherwise there wont really be alot more that you can say about it in person.ask her how her day has been,tell her what you've been up to,stuff like that.

i dont think you will sound pushy,as long as you arent too keen,i mean show an inetrest in her by all means but maybe you could start talking to others aswell?

hope i helped,sorry i didnt reply to the post sooner.

good luck!!! xxx

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hey Shyguy24,

well if you want to go about meeting people in that way then thats up to you, i would ask her question about her and her life, that kinda thing (as if she was just one of your nomal friends) that way you dont get embarrsed and not know what to say to her.


but personally i wouldnt go about finding people off the net or any other type of electrical device (mobiles - txting), because when you finally do meet up with them they arent what they may seem, trust me, i was talking to this guy for ages and i thought that i knew him but when we met up the convo just went blank and we didnt know what to say to each other, that could just be a one off i dont know but anyways

its up to you just talk to her


hope this helps and i hope that i havent put a downer on you sorry if i have


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