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my ex keeps making contact with me part 2

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okay i posted my problem several weeks ago. i broke up with my boyfriend of 5 years almost three months ago and I had stated that he did me wrong and he already found someone else within a month (an old friend) and is engaged. He keeps making contact with me saying he misses me, he would do anything to be with me and that he should of waited for me when I said i needed time. Yet he has done nothing to change himself and prove that he is being for real? I never give him any attention and i never respond to any of his efforts. However i still love him but i don't know how sincere he is in all of this since he is engaged. Also we have been through this once before and i got back with him and it was good for about a week then he started treating me bad again. Thats when i ended it for good and since then he has been coming into my job to try to talk to me and he called me twice. To get to the point, i walked out to my car one night after work this past week and there were two cards on my windshield. They were both from him saying the same type of stuff that its really hard to be with out me and his goal in life is to be with me and he wants us to grow old together but he knows we can't be together right now. He said he wants me to call him but i'm not sure if i should or not. I mean I am 99% sure he is engaged but the whole twist to this is that I saw his supposed fiance smoochin up on her ex boyfriend at a laundromat. I'm thinking whats up with that? I mean he was my first love and I will always love him but i have all these emotions of pain,hurt and alot of anger and i know i shouldn't be treated the way I was treated but I still love him. So should I call him or do nothing like i have been doing? I want to move on but should I? he has me so confused.

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Move on...you can do much better! Honey, this guy ain't worth your time.


I never thought that I'd get over my first love, we lasted 3 years, but I did.


This guy on the other hand, sounds like a complete creep. What is he doing talking to you if he's engaged. What a two-faced liar!


He sounds like the type of person who likes the thrill of the chase. You need to burn him (not physically), but verbally, by saying "Look, You're engaged now, Leave me Alone, I don't care about you, So get the Steppin!"


Anyway, don't mess around with guys like that, they're pathetic.


Think about it, compare 5 years of your current life, to 50-65 years of your life spent with a two timing person like him. Do you really want that?

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Honestly. I say you call him, but don't give in to any nonsense of his. Tell him strait out that if he really does still love you, he's done nothing to prove it. But honestly, do you still trust him enough to spend another five years with him? If not, I suggest u still ring, but make it quite clear you have undefinitely moved on.


Honestly though, do you love him, or not? And really consider what love is before you answer to yourself. Love determines everything.

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You defiinitely have to move on, think about your past expericne,it was too mcuh pain( isn't it?) and I guarantee you that once you go back , he will be "abusive again, this is the endless cylcle and this is what he is. He is trying to find victims to satisfy his own need .He is kind of sick in mind.


Move on!!! You deserve someoen much better! Don't call that man! Don't call that man! and Again, Don't call that man! Live with your Dignity and Self-esteem.





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