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How did you cure YOUR jealousy and co-dependency?!?!


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I can relate to this. Also, let me bump this up because it's a good thread.


My answer to the question is: YES. YOU CAN.


I was the most horribly, insecure person EVER. I used to sit home and cry and obsess about my boyfriend's (now fiance's) exes. He had 12 exes while I only had 2. And I had a huge problem with that. Facebook didn't help either. Looking these girls up on facebook don't help at all but of course that's what I did and I obsessed about it more and more.


When it comes to jealousy, I think the trick is healing yourself. After almost 2 years of being miserable, jealous, and obsessive, I finally admitted that there was something wrong with me. And that's when I started to learn.


I researched and researched. I read articles and tried to relate. I found out I did have a problem. My childhood. My childhood was very emotionally abusive and I had never dealt with it before. Actually, I've never even admitted that before. I had problems that needed to be fixed. I hated myself deep down. I had anxiety, obsession issues, depression, and social anxiety.


After learning about the issues with my past, I've learned to look in the mirror and LOVE what I see. I'm still working on some things but it's surprising how much your childhood can really screw you up later on in life without you even realizing it.


I no longer obsess about his ex-girlfriends or his past one night stands. I no longer creep them on facebook. In fact, know I'm the one for him and I'm perfectly happy with myself.


And that's how I fixed my jealously problem. By dealing with my inner child. I even confronted my father about all of the issues. I faced my childhood. It can't be ignored. It needs to be dealt with. You have to realize how much you secretly hate yourself and then you have to learn love yourself. You need to be knowledgeable about the real problems you have.

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