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2 wonderful girls , i need to choose from (nice easy topic)

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ok here it goes , i know 2 girls


girl 1 - we have lots in common and is a sweet and optimistic person


girl 2 - a little down on her self but good hearted and seems supports me with my writing (a hobby) calls herself my #1 fan


im not really down on this prob for the first time in my life i feel confident in asking someone out but i DONT KNOW WHO !!! i've got the bigger crush on girl 2 but girl 1 tells me that im cute (so it sounds like she may not be disgusted to go out with me) if you have any questions on there persanalities go ahead and ask and for those of you who dont could you reply with some sort of info that could help me thx a bunch



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In order to answer you, or at least give you some advice, we will definetly need more info on both girls (ages, what you like about each, physically/emothionally attractions, etc). From a very very cloudy standpoint, the only advice I can give you without knowing more of the situation is to go with what feels right in your heart, don't necessarily listen to your physical feelings.

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You want to ask out one of these girls right? ...well ask one of them which ever one you prefer more...than if things aren't as great as you thought they would be go out with the other girl... I think people think that you have to date one person...but how are you to know who you like more if you don't date anyone but one person... Do what you feel is right and if you don't think it's right later change it.... Then if you want a relationship like a girlfriend/boyfriend thing decide on that later...all you want to do right now is consider if there is a possibility of that in the future... Good Luck

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Well... why just one Why not ask both out, hehe. And then after a first date, you are going to have to choose who you want to stick with. Of course, chances are, if both go well... you'll end up with two girlfriends, which could end up blowing in your face, lol sounds fun!


Now for a less damaging approach, I'd say go with girl 2 , since you're most attracted to her. But if you can manage to do it without hurting you chances with girl 1 it'd be better.

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hey , i started the topic and to anwser AlphaOmega's requests they are both 16 and now for what i like about them...


girl 1 - I can always share a lauph with her , cute persanality , attractive , she once asked me if she could have a heart to heart with me , which to me show's that she feels she can trust me and rely on me for support


girl 2 - just as attractive (maybe a lil more) , our inside jokes which leads to i can also enjoy lauphs with her to , reads all my writing and supports my ideas and gives me feed back on them ,

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Humm.... 1st thing that you can do is bluecoconuts plan and ask both of them out on dates and then pick from there. 2nd thing you can do is just ask one of them out go for which one you like the best, and if that douse not workk you can go for the outher one.

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I'm happy that you are the mack daddy in your area. It seems like you like both ladies and they both seem to offer something special to you. I agree why do you have to choose one girl right now? Give the 2nd girl a chance first since you seem to have this "special attraction" to her. See how it is. If things go well you can see if you still have feelings for the first. Being someone's friend is not a bad thing, so at worst you made two friends!

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