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exec board members of a club

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i wasn't sure what forum to post this in, but it's "work" related, so i thought maybe this was the closest one...


i am currently the president of a cultural club at my college. i am concerned about 2 members on my 5 person exec board. one person doesn't seem as committed to the group, and i can't help but feel like he's on the exec only b/c he wants a position and can put it on a resume. the other person seems as if she wants to be a part of it, but she just can't commit as much time to the group because she is involved in so many other activities. also, there are some non-exec members who are very committed to my group and have put more time and effort into the club than the 2 exec members.


my other exec members have noticed it too, and we've talked about it. we thought maybe i should talk to each person individually, but then later we decided to wait it out for a bit since it's only been a few weeks.


the other concern i have is that i'm actually on another exec board for a another club (a pre-professional one) with the guy who doesn't seem committed. he's president and i'm publicity. i'm afraid that if i mention to him that i think he's not putting enough effort in the group, he might say the same thing to me because the truth is i do only what i have to do as publicity chair. however, the difference between the situations is that the club i'm president of does more and has more members who are actively involved. the club i'm publicity chair for is less active, and the truth is, the only reason why i ran was b/c nobody else did. i do my job so at least there's somebody who will do it. i'm afraid that i'm being hypocritical, but i feel that if he tells me that i'm not putting enough effort as publicity chair, i would give up my position. in all honesty, i wish he would give up his position so that a more dedicated person could take over.


what do u think? should i talk to these people now, or should i give it more time since it's only been 2 weeks?

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Hi Spirited !


Interesting one !

Firstly, the one you should be concerned about is your Presidental chair position. That is your biggest responsibility. The publicity chair, while important, would be less priority to me. In saying that, if you are doing your job, there would not be sufficient grounds for you to be removed from the position - so I wouldn't worry too much about that.


The team you are incharge of are your responsibility. I would take each member in question aside, and very nicely tell them that they need to pull their weight more, as people have been commenting about the workload sharing.


You give them the oppertunity to fix their ways - and it is only because they have not doen their job that this exists in the first place.


Your end result and aim is that the members all do their job, and everyones happy. Communicate the situation with them.


Regarding waiting a week or two, you could do so if you want to be able to say that you waited before speaking to them, and the situation didn't improve. Makes you patient and smart !


Hope this helps you some,

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