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Me and my ex broke up over a year ago, but I still can't get really get over her. It doesn't help that we see each other every day. We are friends, but I can't handle being around her too much, because it just brings back feelings i dont' want to have, considering she's got a boyfriend. however, she's been asking me if there's something wrong, and she doesn't know that this is the main reason. I really don't want to tell her, because I see no point in throwing the past in her face with no obvious gain on my part. Should I bit the bullet and talk to her, or let it slide?

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Just talk to her. Tell her how you feel. It's best if she knows what is going on. Otherwise, you will be trying to play a guessing game with yourself. I'm sure she will appreciate hearing about your true feelings for her. Make sure that you mention that you are telling her this so that maybe in the future you two can posssibly get back together, not to attempt to break her and her new boyfriend up. good luck

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