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i dont get it... help...

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well... like some people know me before from previous post, i am kind of person that try to get a rl relationship from online (onlien bf/gf first, and maybe rl later)


I met this girl she is from canada and.... she look exactly like the girl in my dream... i really liked her and i met her from a online game called Talesweaver. i knew her for about 2 weeks now and... now she is playing another game called Priston Tales. Well.. even i dont like it but because i wanna get near her i start playing it too.. I play really hard just try to catch up to her.. but...


she have to say no to most of the stuff iasked.. here is a conversation:



me i finally can level with u now wanna level togehter?

her its ok


her canot heal me, you cant tank me

me i can kill stuff for u so u can level faster

her can kill stuff too


doesn't this kind of obvious that everyday right when she go on i'm already there waiting for her and say hi to her excitly, and i always try to make up topic just to talk to her...?


I really dont know what to do... and i really dont know what she is thinking, can someone that have experience please help me...? its been troubling me really bad these couple days...

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You're kind of confusing here. Does she live near you?


I think you need to just relax when you're around her. Just talk to her, be her friend, get to know her. It's really tough to figure out your situation because you haven't really elaborated enough. You met her through a game, does she live near you? You live a ways apart? If she lives a ways away is there any point to thinking "relationship" with her? Any more details would be nice...

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if she likes you, you would already be playing with her online and none of this posting is necessary.


you're turning her off, man. so just stoppit.


the problem of doing something for someone else instead of doing it for yourself is, sooner or later, it's going to be seen through.


so either you play the game like there's no tomorrow, get all the way to the top, then show her the way to play, or else quit both her and the game. she's not looking for equals. it's a game thing to her. so even if you play with her, it's no use, cos she most likely don't like you.

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