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Helpless - you were my inspiration (its poem)


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hey guys,

just a lil something i wrote today, things seem to be getting me down recentally so sorry if its a lil depressing. so here goes

its called




What can you do

When they don't listen to you

And will not stop

They just continue


They put their life on the line

Time after time

They involve me

Then say its no business of mine


The stress keeps building

Then the tears just come rolling

Its all a viscious cycle

We all just have to keep fighting


We need to control our emotions

Through all the complications

Of these ongoing

Deepening situations


Its all just coming

I can't figure out the beginning

Let alone look for the end

I just know its gonna be never ending.


thanks for reading, if you reached this far . . .

id like to know what you thought


~ LJ

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