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Not really sure what this post is about guess l just need to get stuff off my chest so here it goes.


lt's been 3 months since me and the ex finshed and 50 long days and nights since l last saw or heard from her which is really strange because we spent almost everyday together for five years l don't know whats going on in her life right now don't even know if she's alive or dead.


l've met someone else now (never thought l would) we've been seeing each other for just 5 weeks she looks after me and l really like her but every now and then like last thing at night and first thing in the morning l can't help but feel really sad about my ex because deep down l still miss her and l'm still so much in love with her but l know we will never get back together.


l guess with me seeing this new person it's like me saying goodbye to my ex if that makes any sense? it really feels like l'm watching something passing and l have to let go which is really hard to do but l'm doing it l'm just dreading the day when l bump into my ex or l get a birthday card l know it will happen one day and l know it will knock me back take me back to my darkest days when l loved her the most


l guess what l'm asking is when you think your getting over someone is it normal to have moments like this even though your with someone else?

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One thing I can tell you from experience is that, your first love is your first love no matter what happens that will stay with you till the end it will never go or even die down, but after a while you just learn to live with the fact she was once part of you and the pain of not having her will soon be some kinda of normal pain,


But I can tell you the truth and that is DON'T EVER think you will not be able to move on cos YES you can, the best way to go about pushing away from a situation like this is by being with someone else to take your mind of things.


Looks as you have someone who really cares about you so, put some time into that relation and for a while put your ex out of your head and you will see what you had and have now. You guys broke up for a reason and it was just not meant to be, and she has not got in contact with you how much does she really care, do you really think she is sitting there thinking about you or feeling the same cos she was noting would have stopped for from getting in contact, so if it don't bother her, why let it bother you.


So pick your self up and move forwarded and learn to live with it. Try this new gal.

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I feel ya for sure, Senna. I feel that way a lot more than I would care to. You said 50 days or so, eh? Well, I'm about 8 or 9 months since I last broke up with the person that used to be the love of my life, and I still have really crummy days where all I can do is miss her and wonder what she's up to, who she's with, if she's happy, etc. I've been seeing someone else for about 6 months now, but nonetheless, I still feel the blues from time to time. All I can tell you is that with a bit more time and quite a few more days of feeling kinda sad, those feelings will start to dwindle down more and more. I wish I could also tell you that it goes away completely, but it hasn't for me and I've logged quite a bit of time under my belt since my break-up. Ya can't compare the new person you're with to the last. They are different, and if you start heading down that track, you'll never be satisfied. I'm contradicting myself too, b/c I often find myself doing the same thing, but ya really gotta try not to do that. It's a little hard to learn to forget about all the good times and continue to move on with your life.


Your little ending quote says it all, friend. Too many long moments of remembering doesn't do me much good unless I feel like getting out the box of tissues...


God bless

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