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In Love With My Best Friend.

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i've known my best friend since we were five... over the years i slowly fell in love with him, i don't even remember how it all started... we are now nineteen, both practically grown up, and yet we are still the best of friends... we did try taking our relationship a step further awhile back but we ended breaking up. now he is dating someone else and i am too... but the problem starts here... i am still deeply in love with my best friend. we both know that we have a future together but its a mutual unsaid feeling... we've talked about the possibilty... but we know we're both still young. i do have feelings for my current boyfriend but i can't seem to let go of my best friend. one of the reasons i ended up with my boyfriend is because my best friend said that he didn't want me missing out on other chances and to see what is out there... and that's exactly what i'm doing... my problem is i don't know whether to move on and try to work on my relationship with my boyfriend or to listen to what my heart says... sometimes i wonder if shutting off my best friend completely would be what's best for me and my feelings? i don't understand him sometimes... he'll say one thing but his actions say the opposite... maybe i believe that because we are completely different... he tells me i'm his other half. and then again i don't know if i should break up with my boyfriend and be patient for another chance with my best friend? because it feels unfair to be in this relationship that i can't put my all into...

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You are right about it not being fair to your current boyfriend. I think that you should tell him how you feel. It seems like you are both playing a little mind game. Sit down with him and tell him. There is a possibilty that he wont feel the same or will shut you out totally so be prepared for that as it would be very hard to take. But remember one thing, if it was meant to be then it will happen someday.


Hope this helps

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