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what do i do about my ex boyfriend?

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Hi i was datin this guy for almost 5 months then he dumped me then we got back together and he said it was one of the worst things he ever did was dump me. a week after he dumped me i dumped him cuase my friends said he was an ass and so after that i was still having feelings for him and he found out after his friend dumped me that i still liked him.Then he sent me an email sayin that he'll go out wit me if i die my hair black and wear makeup . so i wanna know do i wear makeup or do i forget about him and if i forget aboout him how do i do that? i found out he said those things so i wouldn't like him any more

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I think that both of you should sit down (in person) and have a serious talk. It sounds like both of you still have feelings for each other. You should tell him that if he really likes you, than he will have to take you as you are. You shoulld not change your hair color or wear make up if you really dont want too, or even get him to like you better. If he really likes you he will accept you for who you are. If not then I would have to say move on cause you could find a better guy than that.

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Hi there,

I went through a similar problem with an ex of mine, who wanted me to change myself for him to be able to get back with him. I realized that if I had to change for him to want me back, obviously he didn;t like me for who I was, and shouldn't that always be the case?!? You should never have to change the way you look or act for someone to like you. A person should like you for who you are. Would you change anything about this person to suit you better? Probably, but would you ever demand that they change this for you to be with them? Probably not. Realize that another person will come along and want to be with you because of you... they will want you the way you are because the wonderful person you are is what struck them in the first place. Don't lessen yourself for this person who obvisouly doesn't care enough about you to waste your time with. Thats what I finally realized, and man am I happy I did. Hope I was of some help

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Hmm okay he wants you to dye your hair and wear make up…lol sorry but you should ask him do you want me to join the circus to !


Don’t change for anyone unless they can change for you , tell him okay ill do it as long as you dye your hair orange or smthing , see how he feels about it and if he says no , then tell him why do you accept me to do this if you cant .


I mean whats going to be next like u don’t smile enough or some other thing ..tell him to getlost


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