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"going only for the A grade girls"

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i wouldnt as much say that you are doing the wrong thing but missing out on some great people.

i reacon that you can find as much of a decent girl in someone not at the level your looking for and when you fiond them you will see inner beauty.

looks arent everything, you need to be able to interact, communicate and understand there way of thinking.

its not wrong its just overlooking what could be great people.

hope this opinion helps


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I have a similar problem, I tend to hold out for attractive women as well. However, nothing is wrong with that. If you aren't attracted to someone, how do you expect to develop a relationship with them? Possibly you are suffering form the same problem as I. I tend to be attracted to the qualities in a woman which generally lead to not the best match. I like a girl who cares about how they look and who looks great. However, I often find that I am willing to settle for women who are very self centered and selfish. Is their a correlation? I think so.


So the real question is what is attractive to you, what is not. What reoccurring qualities do you tend to search for, are they positive or negative. If they are the later, then perhaps you need to reassess your definition of "attractive".


Make sense?

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Well, your profile doesn't say how old you are, but I'm assuming you're at a point in your life where maybe you're looking for a long-term relationship. If not, please disregard...


A problem that I've seen with girls who are top-shelf, drop-dead gorgeous is that they know it. If you're having trouble getting into a committed relationship with the people you're dating, it might be because these girls know they could have any guy they want - so when another one comes along, you're history (whether you know that's how it went down, or not...)


I think you might enjoy dating someone whose class of attractiveness makes them more a candidate model for the Sears catalog or a Target ad than Cosmopolitain magazine. You might find that the depth of the relationship and your subsequent enjoyment thereof might improve. It's also nice to walk into a room with her and not see every guy present ogle her!


Good luck,


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As has been previously stated, there's nothing wrong with wanting a beautiful girl....but you're also severely limiting yourself in your choices and they type of people you meet! Not to offend any beautiful girls on here, but the ones I know are generally high-maintenance. Not ALL, mind you-there are some women I know who have natural beauty that doesn't need a lot of work to enhance what God gave them, and don't bother with fussing about it. Being an average-looking female myself, my views could just be sheer jealousy on my part...lol


Overall, though, I'd rather go for someone who's slightly less attractive so that I'm not with someone who's vain, or who's egotistical, since those are qualities that tend to pop up in beautiful people after being told they're so good looking for years! Again, NOT IN ALL CASES, I have no wish to offend any good-looking people on here!! But it's entirely your choice...if that's who you want to date, go for it, there's certainly no harm in it!

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