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Do people ever get back together

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I see on television and movies people always get back together with there true loves. My question is that if you are away from someone for a while, and I mean no communication at all for a prolonged period of time, can you ever get back together. Also suppose that you do not see a future with that person, does that mean your feelings for the person will not change in the future? Can you date other people, and then later on in life realize that you miss the person, and then find your way back to them. Is this possible or am I just crazy in the head.


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Anything is possible, my friend. My girlfriend of 8 years and I are broken up since May 26th and I only just cut off contact from her almost 6 weeks ago. Ever since not talking to her for that long I have lost any anger that I have ever had toward her because I see what is really important to me which is her. She is teh one who broke off the relationship and when my brother went there to get the last of my stuff from her the other day he could definitely tell she missed me. I love this woman with all of my heart and soul and I will never give my heart to someone the way I gave it to her. She is special enough to me that I would rather be alone than to try and love someone else again. It woul hurt me to ever try and love someone else because it would be replacing her no matter how you look at it, and that just isn't possible. She has indicated that she isn't interested in anyone else and I am hopeful that with time we will be together again someday, although I believe it will be a long time 1-2 years. I also feel it in my heart that it is not over and I have never felt anything stronger. I will let you guys know what happens but the answer is YES, people do get back together WHEN it is meant to be. If they don't it simply means there are better things out there waiting for you. Either way, just know that their is happiness out there for us all, and you can't love anyone until you love yourself!

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I think that it's about time that you pick up the phone and call this girl...Is it rejection that you fear?


The best soluation is to find out. You never know, maybe she still loves you. Maybe you guys are mature enough now...who knows, it's only up to you to find out.


Trust me, what do you have to lose? If she's what you really want, then go for it...don't stop yourself, you'll go crazy for the rest of your life if you never find out...


You need closure....best of luck! O

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