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she wants someone else bt she still loves me


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ive been with my ex for 7 months.she was the love of my life.i seriously considered spending my life with her.i really did.


we loved each other very much.bt things were very difficult with distance.i live 3 hours train from her.we hardly saw each other.we saw each other 5 times altogther.also,our parents are not in favour of the relationship.as recently as last week,her parents told her to finish things with me.she told me we would do things secretly.


last nite,she told me that she didnt want to do it anymore.l8r,she would tell me that she was with someone else.i was devastated.she told me that the only reason she chose him over me was that she was able to tell him about her problems and this wasnt the case with me.due to the distance,we had to talk every day on the phone(conversation is my weak point.)one thing she mentioned was her anger management problem.she never told me about this.she said she couldnt tell me for some reason and she doesnt know wat this was.


she said she still loves me and that she feels terrible that she had to do it this way.she still wants to be friends.


i dunno wat to do.is there a way i can win her back?wat should i do from here?im heartbroken.i had my heart set on her.she was my dream girl and i loved her liked crazy.i still do.wat should i do?


any help appreciated.please hekp,this is tearing me apart.

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Hi Mickey,


Sorry to hear that you lost the girl. I understand what you are feeling right now.


Regarding winning her back, unless you can come up with a solution to get her to talk to you about things, then you simply won't win over this other guy. The fact that you are so far away is without a doubt a huge problem to this relationship. Are you in a position to get rid of the distance between you?


She says she still loves you, but do you believe that? It's possible that she is letting you down gently here - to make you feel better about the whole situation. Also, her parents could be the root of this aswell, and that will be very hard for you to win against.


If I were you, I would be getting on with my life. At your age (you sound young), you have more things to be worrying about than this - while right now, it may indeed seem like the biggest thing that has happened to you. That feeling will change over time,


Hope this helps you some,

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hey,thx for the advice.


jus to add to something i missed out,i questioned whether she meant that she loves me and she told me that she meant it totally.she told me that she really meant it.

i also asked her how i could be a beter boyfriend for her and she said that i couldnt have done better if i had lived closer.


i do believe her on da love thing.i jus dont no how to compete with this guy.any ideas?

anything will do.thx for da help mate.

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Hi Mikey,


If you are so far away, it is going to be next to impossible for you to compete with this guy. It's really that simple. You will not be able to do it over the phone, and the chances are she is seeing a lot of him since he lives closer.


I don't really believe what she has said. To say that you couldn't have done a better job if you live closer, is a bit strange to me. Simply put, of course you would have. If you had been there for her in person a few times a week, that surely would have opened her up, and got her talking to you about the things she couldn't tell you.


You can not compete with this guy unless you move to her. Of course, you would have to get the relationship back on again in order to do this - and that would be very hard I suspect.


You really should be thinking about how you can move on - the other road you wish to travel is full of obstacles, and a high risk of failure. Is that the road you want to travel down?

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She loves you but she's no longer *in love* with you. The intense romantic feelings she had are gone now. She's chosen to be with someone else, most likely still chasing after that intense feeling of infatuation we all feel when we first fall in love, not understanding that these feelings will always fade eventually, no matter who she's with.


The TRUE "love of your life" won't treat you this way. She sounds very young and not ready to be serious about any one person yet.


Your best chance for getting over this heartbreak is to stop all contact with her -- online and in real life. Disappear from her world and make her disappear from yours. Give yourself time to recover. It sounds corny, but time really WILL help you heal from this.


Here's a guide that will help you: link removed

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