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  1. I have this itch that keeps moving every time I try to scratch it. I started this morning on the back of my arm and has jumped from my arms to legs to back to arms. It is taunting me.
  2. It's been 14 years since you were taken for us. I have the pictures your mother gave me. Two are framed, one in my living room and the other in my bedroom. The smaller two in a photograph book and the other on my fridge. They are bittersweet. They bring me comfort and I don't feel alone anymore on days when I do feel completely alone. When friends stop by to visit and see your pictures they ask "Who is this?" and I say that's my friend. And I leave it at that. I can not bear to tell them you passed. It will only bring up the next question of "How?". I will not tell them. I tell them how I s
  3. AGONY!! I hope you get some relief soon. At first I was wondering if maybe it got stuck in the nasal passage like Mercurial Girl's grandmother. But you did not mention any pressure, no effect to breathing like a stuffy feeling and it felt it was in the throat rahter than higher from the back of the throat. All this talk about food getting stuck in unwanted places with chances of infection or even a possible death from choking makes me want to puree my food and eat it with a teaspoon. feel better soon!!!
  4. Alice in Wonderland/Through the looking glass.
  5. squirrel seeks chipmunk by david sedaris. short stories, the grieving owl....and .....the frog, the turtle and the duck had me rolling.
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