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Thread: wacky cult

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    wacky cult

    HELP! I was out by myself today drinking in a bar, and as I finished off my days drinking and my days pay I walked pass this church/cult thing calling themselves the "Potters house"

    Anyway I was invited in by 2 members standing outside, and feeling lonely I entered. 3 hours later I'm having dinner at the ministers house and then they got me saying a pray to "hand me over to god" I just went along with it. And now they have my phone number and want to give me BIBLE study lessons!

    They're complete wacko's, they think If I don't hand myself over to god I will go to hell. Total garbage. Always wondered why intelligent people believe in this nonsense.

    2 of the members know where I live, and they get real fired up when there talking about the good lord. Any Ideas how to get outta this group of weirdo's without hurting them? Should I just read the bible like they told me and find flaws in their belief and stick it to them? thanks, advice needed urgently!

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    Aug 2003
    i know some ppl like that .. all you have to tell them if you don't want to do it is I'm sorry but i am not interested in this right now. They can't force you to do anything and if they try forcing you just say ... i don't have to believe in anything that is my choice.... but it might be a good idea to try to learn about god it is pretty interesting but don't do it until your ready.. never force yourself to do anything!!!

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