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  • Olivia Sanders
    Olivia Sanders

    How to Use Happy Memories to Fall Asleep

    Falling asleep can be one of the biggest challenges in life. We all want to get a good night's rest, but sometimes our minds are just too active, or sleep eludes us no matter how comfortable our beds. But, there is hope! Instead of counting sheep, many people have found great success by using something called the ‘savoring the moment’ technique to drift off into a peaceful slumber.

    The ‘savoring the moment’ or ‘memory savoring’ technique, as it is sometimes known, involves thinking of a happy memory and re-experiencing it in the mind. The technique has been used for centuries by cultures spanning the globe, and it works by calming the mind and allowing the body to move into a relaxed state conducive to sleeping. It can be done in different ways, but basically, it's all about remembering a happy memory - like a childhood experience or a significant event in your life - and letting it take over. This can be done simply by picturing the scene in your mind and recalling the details.

    The idea is to focus exclusively on the positive aspects of the memory and let it wash over you with all its beauty. It can be helpful to recount the memory aloud in its entirety with as much detail as possible, as if you were telling someone else about it. Savoring the moment encourages feelings of nostalgia, putting the present troubles and worries into perspective and reminding us that even in our darkest times, we still have something to be grateful for.

    This technique works best when the happy memory is something specific and concrete - that is, something that engaged each of the five senses. If the memory is too vague, the impact won't be as strong. Similarly, the more vivid and detailed the memory is, the easier it will be to stay with it and reap the benefits of its calming effects.

    Savoring a happy memory does more than just relax the muscles and quiet the mind, however. Our moods can profoundly affect how deeply we sleep, and this technique allows us to create a warm and pleasant atmosphere that sets us up for an undisturbed night’s rest. By virtue of us initiating the transfer from a state of restlessness to one of peacefulness and calm, we become masters of our own moods and revel in the joy that a happy memory brings.

    Perhaps the greatest benefit of savoring the moment to improve sleep is that it keeps our emotional state balanced. Making this a regular practice helps us to stay grounded in our general disposition, minimizing the highs and lows of our daily lives. By seeing our world through a lens of appreciation, we are more likely to constructively handle the difficult times that come along and shed light on the difficult emotions they may bring. There's no doubt that a good night's sleep makes us better prepared to face the day ahead. Now that we know how to use a happy memory to help us do just that, let’s be sure to make the most of quality rest time.


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