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Orgasm Problems

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Hi, well recently I have been exploring with masturbation, and I know that a clitoral orgasm is the easiest to achieve by yourself, and my problem is, my clit is extremely sensive, almost to the point that its uncomfortable to rub, play with. And Ideas of whats up, or how to get myself to orgasm, I'v tried everything!!!

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Before I answer, do note I am a man.


Still, you might try to reduce the sensitivity by slowly increasing pressure, day by day. If you are that sensitive that even touching becomes too much, try using the shower stream and test that.


Men who can't orgasm are told to use less pressure when masturbating, to become more sensitive. So the opposite should work too!

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hey, you dont have to rub right on the clit , most wemon are to sensitive for that to, try just rubbing skin that is near it or around it . Rubbing in a circle around it can be very nice to, just find what ever feels good to you

and then do that

good luck

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