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Ahhhhhhhhh (relief sigh)...


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I just thought I would post something positive that is happening in my life as opposed to my usual, preggo complaining threads.


We own a duplux that also has a basement suite. We rent out the other two suites and live in the third. Our plan has been, for the last four months, to refinance this house, rent out the suite we are currently living in, and use the money from the mortgage to buy a second house in a more suitable neighborhood for baby. The rental income on the duplux would make a cover the mortgage payments plus give us extra monthly income.


Like I said, for the last FOUR MONTHS, we have been trying to get this going. Our mortgage broker has been trying to get us the best deal and we have signed and produced so many flippin documents it seemed like it was never actually going to happen. Well it finally did! Yesterday I deposited a cheque into our bank for 20% of our total refinance money and the other 80% is guarenteed to come (although we aren't positive how soon, we know that we won't need to fill out any more stupid applications, its done!). But even with that 20%, it allowed us to pay off all of our credit cards and old loans from a million years ago, plus give us enough money to redo the kitchen and bathroom in this suite before we move.


We still have to wait for the other 80% (probably 1-2 weeks) before we can put an offer on a second house, but I just feel so much relief from being financially drained for the last few months, especially with baby on the way. I was getting all panicky that we would be stuck in this stupid neighborhood, but now that we have the cash and I KNOW that we will get out eventually, I can just let life take its course.


So, thanks for listening to my relief rant. I feel so incredibly relieved. A paranoid mommy to be can now RELAX and enjoy the rest of the pregnancy.

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