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The ex gf broke up with me a few months ago; it was a LDR we lived 5 hours apart. I didn’t talk to her for a while after that until she contacted me. Since then I have moved to the Caribbean for work.


Over the last few months she called me on New Years, Valentines Day and my Birthday. We email each other often as well and she always ends her email with kisses. She also said that I can visit her anytime and stay at her place. To be honest she always confused me, it seems to me she likes to keep relationships distant


I have tried not to get sucked back in but I have, the other day we were talking on the phone and she said she was thinking of going to Cuba for a week’s vacation by herself. Well, later that I emailed her and asked her to come and visit me; I thought she would like to go somewhere warm where she knows someone at least. BUT, she said she would rather go to Cuba alone and meet people rather than to visit me.


Don’t have any questions really; I just need to tell someone I guess. I guess I know we will probably never get back together again now.

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wow. sorry to hear that...


sounds like she was just buttering you up to slap you in the face again. in retrospect, she only offered all those things (like staying at her place and visiting her and such) because she knew you wouldn't be able to do it. say, you really were iback in town and called her up did take her up on the offer; she'd throw some BS excuse to shoot you down then and there.

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