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About a guy I'm seeing

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7 mths ago this guy told me that he wonted me but he lives with his girlfriend and that he dont wont her anymore,so we have been sneaking around.one day he told me that he wonts to give her another chance but we still sneak around,but lately he has been ignoring me a little bit.but he dont wont me to see anyone one elde.and he saids he loves me and some day hes going to marry me but hes not giving her up.i try to stay away and when i do he always end up calling me and sucks me right back in.what am i going to do because i wont him and i am in love with him.

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what's love got to do with it? really...ask yourself that question. you're essentially the side action for someone with a girfriend...is that what you want for yourself? you deserve better; i can tell you that and i don't even know you. remember, dear, self-love trumps "being in love" any day of the week. my advice: dump the loser and start loving yourself...you truly deserve better.

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