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Is he inconsiderate or is it me?

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hi this guy that I am kinda seeing always ends up calling me late at night around 8-9PM and today he called at 11PM and then he said he had another call and would call me back. It's been 40 minutes and I am wondering what I should make of it .This is inconsiderate isn't it? or am I just overblowing the situation? Any advice would be very helpful thanks.

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ok first of all, 8 or 9 pm isnt very late for alot of ppl! 11pm is sometimes...but maybe hes just used to ppl up for conversation at those hours? Make it clear to him that you think it's a lil late and I'm sure he'd have no problem. If he still calls you around those times, after you asked him not too, THATS being inconsiderate.

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natash hello,

if im the guy, ill ask your permission first before ill call you. and if you will not allow me to call you, then i think i have to reserve my call next time. but if ill still call you even if you said no and the call is done late at night, i think that is something else. thats what i call inconsiderate.

for as long as you did allow him to call you i thing he is not inconsiderate. but to let you wait for that long until midnight that can be incosiderate already...

but what is incosiderate when you kinda like what he is doing...right? just tell him not to call if you dont want to. give him the right time when he wants to call you so as not to disturb you...

take care...

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