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My classmate was so annoying!

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I knew this classmate 3 weeks ago. We are in the same classes this semester .When I first met him, he seems like a talkative and a friendly guy. We talked a little bit. He asked for my phone number and I gave it to him. Since then, he called me two to three times everyday. We were not close at all. It was so annoying. He called me and asked about the assignments, the labs, my grades and GPA (I got 2.5 only.I don't want to share it with others). He asked me to study with him all the time. Usually, I study and do the assignment by myself. I do better if I do it on my own. I tried to be friendly , so I did the assignment with him once, but decided not to do it again because he kept talking and talking while I was trying to focus. He was like on the auto mode which was so distracting !


Last week was the reading week. We didn't have school.He called me everyday. Sometimes he even called me at 9 am. Which was way too early! He asked me to study with him AGAIN, I told him I couldn't, I had to work on my assignments.


We had a mid term exam right after the reading week(Monday). He called me on Saturday and Sunday morning and asked me to review with him. I said I couldn't. I had to work on my labs.

Then he asked me " when is you lab due?"

" Before the exam.", I said.

"Then you can still study with me after you hand in your lab."

"I will be busy on Monday. I can't study with you."

After I hung up, I sent him an email and asked him to email me instead of calling me all the time.I told him my phone didn't have any minutes left.


So , on Monday. He called me again.I asked my girl friend to answer the phone for me. My girlfriend told him I was busy and couldn't answer the phone.

He kept yelling at her and said" No, I need to talk to her NOW.Give her the phone!"


He called again in 5 minutes. This time, my guy friend answered the phone My friend tried to be mean to him all the phone.

Before my friend hung up, this guy said"I will call her back."

"NO! DON'T!" my friend yelled at him and hung up on him.


He called again in couples hours. I didn't pick up. I sent him another email and told him please don't call me anymore. I don't have minutes left.


He called again at night and said my friend was so mean to him. I was so pissed off. I told him to stop calling me. He was pissed off and hung up on me.


Today when I went to class, I ignored him. I feel so bad. It seems like I am the bad guy now! This is the first time I ignore my classmate. I have never done this to other people before! I try to be nice to everyone all the time.


I don't think it is my fault, but I feel guilty. Does anyone has the same experience?

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Hi Dothk


I don't think that you have done much wrong. This guy went waaaay overboard on trying to contact you. You asked him to email instead of call, he ignored that request. You turned down most of his requests to study together, he didn't take the hint. His behaviour would make most girls feel uncomfortable. Way too needy.


You have heard the phrase 'would try the patience of a saint' right? Even the best of us can lose patience when we are being hounded, and that's all you have done, lost patience. Sometimes people who don't get the message need it hammering home to them. As long as you didn't intend to hurt this guy, which I believe you didn't, then your conscience should be clear.


And it's more than understandable that you would ignore him now as I'm sure you don't know what else to do. If you make contact then he may take it the wrong way and start pestering you again. Perhaps you could send him an email just explaining why you reacted the way you did. But maybe it's best to leave things to settle down for a while.


Wish you all the best, take care...

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