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Men looking at us when they think we are not looking


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What does this mean?

When a guy seldom makes eye contact with a woman when she is looking at him but is nearly always looking at that woman when she is NOT looking at him (but she can see him from the corner of her eye, right? ).


Am I correct in assuming that he does not want her to know he is looking?

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the person is more than likely shy or doesn't want to seem like a weirdo by staring. it is always to check out someone when they aren't looking, but don't want to be caught or feel like they are alienating the person. but then again, there are those freaks out there that just stare.

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it doesn't have to be T or A. not at all. you can be admiring someone's appearance. it is usually when you haven't seen someone before or in a long time and they are different from anything you've seen and grab your fancy. i can't believe i just typed fancy. i did it again. geez.

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