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i think shes the one.. how do i get her??

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hey.. theres this girl i met last week.. and i really like her.. but i dont know how i can get close to her.. the only time i talk to her is online .. n all we basically talk about is skool and stuff.. is there any suggestions on how i should approach her.. or like what should i do to get her to like me.. another thing.. theres kind of been doubts on if i really think shes the one.. because she looks like my ex which i still have feelings for but on the other hand.. i liked her da moment i saw her.. n i think we have a lot in common.. wut do u guys think? plz reply.. thnaks..

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first of all, it sounds like you still have feelings for the ex. i think you need to deal with that first. no woman wants a needy dude. you need to get over the old before you bring in the new. second, if you only talk online and you have only seen a picture(just assuming) it seems like you dont have a lot to go on at this point. you may have some things in common, do you know what you dont have in common? its easier to find common ground and start feelings based on that then anything. i am 23 and have been through more INFATUATIONS than i can come close to remembering. you need to relax, evaluate the feelings about the old, and learn more about the new. enjoy, but dont dive head first into a half empty pool. later

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hey if u see dis again.. im 15 n shes a yr younger than me.. buh ive seen her before cuz i visit her school once in a while.. and we talk a little.. yea its true i should forget about my ex first.. but its not really workin.. i tried so many ways to get her off my mind.. even though i know i cant get her back i still like her.. but i think this time ill get over her.. because i really like this girl.. so if you or anyone else got any more suggestions for me it would be great .. thanks..

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I don't think you can decide who's your only one just by looking at someone. I don't believe in love at first sight, because I think it has to much to do with your looks. I fell in love with my boyfriend becauce he is the sweetest guy I know! What I'm trying to say is, that I really don't think you can say that she's the one, because you really don't know her that much! But of course it's different from each person how long it takes them to fall in love, and how they fall in love.. But you wrote that you've been online with her a couple of times? That's great! I think you should keep on talking to her, get to know her and let her get to know you. That way she might turn out to be the one..

If you're having trouble getting over your ex, I think you should go very slow with this new girl. Get to know her, and make sure that you're really in love before you start anything. If you push to hard you might end up hurting both yourself and the girl.

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