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a non-cheesy move

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Hey bro,


There are certainly a few levels of complexity to your post here. I think you may be putting the proverbial carriage in front of the horse in seeking advice on how to put moves on her.


You've only been out on one date, it's been a month since you've seen her, due to "stuff", and now things seem to be back on track. But I'm not sure there is even a train coming yet. Don't overthink or otherwise get ahead of yourself here.


Some basic points here:


1) If she's into you, it doesn't matter what you specifically do (within reason), she'll respond and she'll love it.


2) She can certainly make moves herself or give you hints to make moves too. So this isn't all on you here to sink or swim...


3) I think you should shift your focus away from making specific moves and focus on how you are going to get to know her better. What do you guys plan on talking about? What do you want to know about her? How are you going to build your bond through communication?


4) With that said, part of building the bond comes from the physical side as well. I'd set the tone with a hug and kiss on the cheek and see how she reacts. A lot of this we won't be able to see, you won't be able to explain, and you'll need to decide for yourself what's going on.


5) Don't limit yourself to the couch. If you feel like it is time for a kiss, no matter where you are, go for it...

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it depends

I am sure that if you are both comfortable around eachother, she will have no problem with making herself comfortable

MAKE SURE no one else will be around, if she puts her feet accross your lap or uses you as a pillow, rest your hands on her, stroke her gently just with your thumb or somthing, to make her know that you are aware your hands are on her, but so that its not to threatening.


after that, you will know if she is responding. She will shift around to "get more comfortable".


I am talking from what I would do, if she is shy or anything, dont take a lack of response as a "no"... she may just be scared as you are

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I come from the school of thought that you should always ask before you make a physical move. Like for me, on our first date she asked me if we could hug. I said yes. On our third date I asked her if we could kiss. She said no, but on our fourth date she wanted to try so we did.


I think it's really respectful and easier if you just communicate how you're feeling.

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actually im waiting a few days to send that letter. i just texted her brothers cell phone and told him to tell her i can no longer talk to her, and that ive been disappointed too many times and can only take so much heartbreak. im hoping the text messages got to him cuz there is no confirmation. hopefully he can get a hold of her and tell her or atleast do it sometime soon cuz they talk pretty often

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