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Holy crap whats the point of me living?

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I'm short so that automatically counts me out in finding a soulmate. I'm studying anthropology so that counts me out in becoming rich. Add to that, it looks like becoming an archaeologist is hard and expensive. I don't even know what I really want to do in the field of archaeology. It seems like every person thats an anthropology major I know is going to become a curator at the Smithsonian. My dreams are shot to crap. Why am I even attending college?


So I'm finishing my sophomore year now, and I'm having doubts in my major. I feel like studying environmental design(architecture), but I don't haven any passion for that. I use to draw a lot, but even still, I feel like I can't be creative or original enough. So I'm not original or creative, so that idea is shot.


If I quit college and just work some job in this stupid town, what am I living my life for? Just to work till my death. I want to do things that are unattainable.


Add to that, I feel like I can't make any real friends. Maybe just acquantances. Yes, I do go out there and do stuff. My time is very occupied. I enjoy the stuff, but sometimes it seems I'm not motivated enough. I've lost all my motivation.

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Do you enjoy what you're studying? If so keep at it. If not now is the best time to figure out what you want to do with your life. Take a Strong Interest Inventory, or whatever career testing your college offers. Go from there. College is the time to figure out what you want to do with the rest of your life. You're thinking wisely keep it up.

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What makes you think that becoming an anthropoligist is unattainable? Anthropology is a broad field, there are many things you can do with it, not just a curator in the Smithsonian. You could become a professor at a university.


Why are you even in college? It teaches you about concepts that are in your field. It teaches you how to work to achieve a goal. It teaches you how to manage your time. Also if you want a job, you need at least a BS or BA.


College is expensive, however, in your field, it pays off.

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I studied Anthropology in college, trust me it is very difficult and unrewarding to do any type of curating (it is mostly pro-bono, or you need a Ph.D).


However, on the upside, Anthropology has really prepared me for life and learning how to deal with a large diversity of cultures. I now work for the US federal government, as a production controller for Power Generation programs with Foreign Military (Israel, Bahrain, UAE, etc)...although I am not making six figures, I am only 25 and am making better money than most of my peers.


Don't be down on yourself, you will eventually find the friends and career path that you desire....it took me a while (I failed out of college twice, due to a drug problem...and now I am doing great)


Don't give up!!


Anthropology RULES

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