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someone for everyone?


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Do you people believe in the saying "theres someone for everyone"?? its just after losing the love of my life I really don't believe theres someone else out there for me, when u think u have found ur soul mate its so hard to imagine theres another one out there somewhere…


plus u have to find them, how hard is that going to be..


just rambling as usual, but at least im starting to think about finding someone else, that's progress I suppose! Still hard though..but feeling more positive 2day

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Dearest Street,

Oh dear there is MORE than someone for everyone out there!

We are not limited to one in any way! It's horrible to think of limitations to happiness!! No way not for me!


I'm disgusted by the way some marriages are brought together by alcohol

There so many unimaginable things going on in the world today. People who shouldn't be together are together because she's scared she can'y find anyone else and afraid that people will know she had a failed marriage previously. so she'd rather be swallowed in a n abusive marriage. Oh god it's sad. Don't be one of those!


So what I'm saying is never settle for less than what you truly deserve!

To be happy!


Be Well,


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That Awfull!

It hurts when I think about girls that are in a bad relationship, I know a few! There with them because I guess there scared of being alone, thinking they carn't find anyone else, I often notice alot of pretty girls with bad guys who treat them like crap, led into a false sense of security, Never intrested in lads who would treat them with respect and look after them, I can never get my head around lads who treat there girl friends like crap, How can they do its awfull, I could never do it.

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Ok...this website will seem a little odd probably but as we all know, when you break up with someone you actually go through stages of grief (Kubler-Ross 1970)...and basically what it means is that you can expect to feel certain things over the next couple of weeks or even months, but that it is perfectly natural to feel this way.


Gather your friends about you, go do different things and think of different things. Don't look back on the relationship and cry, smile because it happened and you will be able to take certain aspects from that relationship into the next.



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My philosophy on relationships is this:


I don't understand what people mean when they say they've found their 'soulmate'. What? Soulmate? You see, we limit ourselves and say that there is one person out there that is perfect for us, when in truth, there are really a countless amount of people that are right for us, it's just that we stop looking when we feel we've found a good one. Don't ever think that there is just one person out there that's right for you, because you're only lying to yourself and that's not fair to you. You have to understand that there are so many people out there that can bring you so much joy, you just have to either find them or hope they come to you through chance like most great relationships start.

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It can be real hard, dont try to rush anything, getting over someone you truly cared about is probably one of the toughest things you'll do in your life. Just dont give up because one person broke your heart, go out meet new people. If your interested in someone to rush into it go after it when your ready.

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