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Ok, I just wanted to share an opinion here.


Anytime you call and leave a message, you do not call again. Period, until he calls you back.


This is only for non exclusive relationships (aka before bf/gf, but it can still be applied to normal relationships to an extent imo)


If he/she does not call back take it as a "I'm not interested" and move on.


Simple rule, but difficult to follow.


Anytime you call and leave more than 1 time before a call back you are in a way creating a bad aura for yourself.


If you do choose to call 2 times, Make sure its another week as the bad aura will not be so bad.


This is just my opinion though.

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I posted it mainly because I was seeing a lot of threads that could be construed on this subject.


I'm kinda past the point of calling or no calling as I live with my wifey =D.


In the past I was guilty of this, I learned the error of my ways...

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That's easier said than done. If you ask someone out and they say they will call you the next day and blow you off and you feel he was your friend, don't you think it's only respectful to return someone's phone call? We are all emotional beings and it hurts when someone ignores you like that.


That would go under, he called you, you have a 1 call bank.




If he calls you, and leaves a message even if he says he'll call you tomorrow, you still have a call you can use.

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