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im just soooo damn busy these days...i just asked my g/f is she could do anythin next weekend and she said that it'll be hard to get together durin the school year and shes right. i have school on the weekdays until 3:30 and the bus is always late so i dont get home untl 4:30 and on monday i have piano lessons, tuesday=soccer, wednesday=hebrew school, thursday=soccer, friday i go to mydads,saturday=guitar,sunday=hebrew school. plus i live on a busy road so i cant walk to my friends houses and i addition to lack of time to spend with my g/f she lives about 1-2 hours away cuz beach traffic can get nasty out there. i cant really afford to give nething up. i dont no. i guess there really isnt nething i can do about it except cope and hope for the best. unfortunatley the way things are goin i think its gonna be like this every year for a while. i may just need to vent and i guess thats what im doin but if u do hve advice plz do share.

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I understand your problem, i go to college from 9 til 4 every day then have a job 5 til 9 on mon, tue, wed and thurs. I thought that'd be great cos it gives me weekends free - unfortunately most of my friends work weekends.....bad idea hehe

Plus, weekends i have to help out with my mum a lot cos she's ill and i have swimming and guitar lessons. So long as you show your girlfriend that you want to see her and its only other commitments that stop you from seeing her as much as you'd like, things should be ok. Make the time you have together special and theres always phone calls to keep you going - thats what i do

Good luck xxx

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You seem to be the busy bee lol well im sure she understands you are busy and cant really give n e thing up n if there is love there it will survive thru that my b/f lives in another country i saw him this summer n wont get to see him again till December n we have been together for 3 years so no need to worries just call her on the phone when u have a chance to see how she is doing and write to her and things like that ) Good luck



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