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Hi all. Havent been here for a while. Hope everyone is well.


I have been single for several months now, and have had time to think about what I am looking for and where I have made mistakes. I realize where I have made my mistakes and what I am looking for, but I do have a few questions.


1. What do you guys look for in a girl that is different? I look around me and see that a lot of girls are the same, thats one reason why some of my relationships have failed, got bored easily after a while.


ALso I am going to be meeting with a dating agency that checks members backgrounds to see if they really are who they say they are (their members), all their members are professional people who are looking to settle down eventually after casual dating, people who can take care of themselves, match me up specifically to what I am looking for..


I am planning to ask them the following questions..


1. how much do you charge a month? Can I do a trial run for a month and go from there?


2. How do I comunicate with the singles you hook me up with? Phone/email?


3. What exactly are your members like (occupations, etc)


4. How long can I use your service for? Can I contact you again if one of my relationships fails? DO you find more then one match for me at a time?


5. Can I use you service to find just friends from time to time?


Thats all I can think of for now. anything else I should ask? This is new to me (a lot different then online dating!)

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