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Can u correct this plz..

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I am trying to make this iinto a song..


any mistakes or tips to make it better..


Cuz a friend is going to write the music to it and another guy is going to sing it, and I want to dedicate it to a girl..



I used to hope for us to be,

But all hope is fading away,

Day by Day,

All I’m left with is a few memories,

And a shattered dream,

To live on for the rest of my life,


No matter where life finds me,

You will always have special place in my heart,

Now, there’s no use in even hoping,

You took it all away,

Those last words you said,

Will haunt me forever,


And I know,

When it comes to you,.

Beautiful has no meaning,

Cuz you urself mean beautiful,


I just don’t know why,

I still want to call you mine,

After all this time,

Am I going out of my mind,

Or did we really have a connection,

Though that doesn’t seem likely,

After your blind rejection,

You just slammed the door on my face,

Left no chance for the next phase,

Now, I wish I‘d pushed you,

Given you another clue,

Shown you how much I care,

You could’ve given my love a try,

But now all I can do is cry,

And hope these tears find a way.


Everyday I look for reasons,

To get on with life,

Ways to leave you behind,

But every night,

I end up loving you more,

Than the day before,

What can I do to end this pain?

Or is there no end to it?

Do I have to wait for you,

Or do I have to give up my hopeless hope.


To think that we can be,,

Just makes me tense,

Wondering if you’ll ever see,

How true my love truly is,

I just keep on dreaming,

But all hope is fading,

So I guess I’m down,

Down to my one last cry,

One last try,

Before the final good-bye.


I can’t believe how easy I let you go,

Just cuz you said no,

Even though we shared nothing,

You are my everything..




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