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I'm hoping this is just paranoia but even then it's not good

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Okay well a lot of you would know my story so far in the workforce. In my first job as a Graduate I was treated very poorly, had to work extremly long hours only to then have surprise me after 6 months by saying I was unsatisfactory, extending my probation and holding my back from promotion etc.

Managed to move to a different organisation and for the time being things were going okay.

Then I had higher duties in an area where I got along really well with my direct supervisor but then had the director for some reason shaft me and try talk dirt about me when I applied for other jobs.

And then for a month I returned to the previous area, only things felt awkward this time round. The moment I got there I was made to do a massive task which I knew nothing about with a tight deadline and pretty much no deadline. Suprisingly some things went wrong and I felt like the rest of the area was forming a lynch mob.


Okay so now I'm in a new area. I feel rather unconfortable, like that I need to watch my back and be very carful with what I do incase I mess up. I don't know if it's just paranoia yet.

So far in my new area I've had hardly any word to do. So far I've been collecting data together and derriving graphs and tables for it. I don't think I've made any huge mistakes, but I occasionally make small ones. I guess when that happens I both feel bad about myself and worried that I'm leading to my previous fate.


I've been in this new area for a month now but I still haven't done a lot of work, don't really know what I'll be doing next or how I'm really going.


I keep wondering where there's something I'm getting terribly wrong, or whether I'm just paranoid and just expecting someone to try do me over.

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Yeah there is something wrong, and that is that you are letting yourself being treated like a donkey .The only reason you where not promoted is because they needed a donkey to do the dirty work. Don't let other people make you go crazy or stop you from reaching your life goals. Its important that you can say 'STOP, to here and no further', and have the ability to tell people to fu..off! You need to prevent that other people can use you as a doormat. Only YOU can stop them. You see most people don't have good intentions with you. That this is true is being displayed by all the dirty jobs they are giving to you. You know work is work so yeah you have to do something before you get that dime. But that doesn't mean that it has to be unreasonable or inhuman. If you do your best, what more can you do? You do what you humanly possible can do ,but you need to stop people who are pushing you around. You see you can only lift so much hay on your fork before you fall. You can experience so much crap on work, work can be frustrating and people might react that stress off on other people,its not nice if that happens to be you. Show some dignity and stand up for yourself.

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