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I'm in my second year.

We're the 'guinea pigs' in our school's first attempt at a sixth form.

Cant say we're doing very well.

I got C in English, D in French & History, B in General Studies (which I think is your General Paper) and U in Maths. There was a lot of hooh-hah with maths before-hand and I dropped it this year.

I'm doing better that start of this year though


Speaking personally, I've found it extremely difficult. Most of it is a MASSIVE leap from GCSE so dont take anything lightly.

If things do get on top of you, speak to someone about it as soon as you can. Dont leave it.


And good luck!

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I did A levels in 2002 - my year was the first year of the AS and A2 system and we all got really worried that no-one knew what they were doing. i went through lots of panics, i totally lost motivation in the lower sixth to the point that i was skipping lots of lessons and working extra hours at my part time job. A levels are not easy but i promise you it will settle down and it is never as bad as you think.


I ended up getting AAB in English, government and politics and business studies. I went to my first choice uni and had a brilliant time.


SO....hang in there, try not to stress about it at this stage....its very early in the school year.


message me anytime and i'd be happy to listen to your worries and offer any help i can!

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Thanks Newo and locolady for such an instant reply.You people know i shifted to a totall new environment to get an experienced school system.I had a hard time at the beginning but now things are settling u quite well i m getting aprecaited alot.You know my accounts teacher says i have done those question by myself which 95% students can`t do.He sometimes jokes like hey you are lying to me you are making someone slove answers for you.lol.I love my school and teachers.In my other thread i just updated that i got 100% in 2 subjects and 94% in 3rd subject.I am really proud of myself.

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