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Yikes! Slips of tongue when giving business cards to ladies.

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I was out at a social gathering tonight at church, and I was talking to various people and handing out my business card since I just joined {mod edit}.


The {mod edit} place says "fake it until you make it" if people ask you how business is, always say 'you are busy, and fake how busy you are'.


Anyway, so I'm talking to these ladies and one of them was looking for a condo, or thinking of them, so I'm talking to them and the word "condom" comes out when I meant to say "condo", and this slip occurred twice, when it happened, I was like so embarrassed and even laughed and covered my face with my hands and said "I meant condo, condominium" -- darn, the word is too close to "condom"! Yikes!


Then there was this other lady I was giving a business card out too, exchanged contact info - but I failed to cut it while it was good, and kept asking questions. While my intentions were good (I asked her virtually if she was living with someone and she said no - because I wanted to know if she was the sole decision maker of if there was another party) it sort of came out funny. Darn! Next time I think I should explain myself if someone reacts funny with one of those questions, like just explain - I just wanted to see if you were the sole decision maker - I'm not interested in getting information to stalk you now.


Shoot - it's like when I'm talking to ladies about business I'm thinking of sex all the time or something and it's coming off funny.

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