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Friend w/ Benifiets gone bad

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We spent 5 solid months together. I know we both agreed from the beginning that we can't date, just be friends and hang out. 3 months into us spending almost everyday together she told me she loved me. Well I started to get feelings for her, and in me eyes it was getting more serious then we wanted it too. As the days went by and more time together my feelings got stronger so I asked her if we were official? She told me no that she wanted to stay like we were but she would always say she loves me so much. Wrote me letters asking me to never change always stay the great person I am and all that good stuff, but never wanted to commit. I respected her and never forced the issue. Everything was going great, we even went to Florida together. Well a lil over 5 months into our (whatever you wanna call it)she went to a friends house for a week and hardly called me in that week. I didn't trip about even tho not a day went by that she never called me. I asked her if everything was alright and if she wanted things to slow down and she said no everything was fine she didn't want to lose me. Well here comes the Saturday night 6 days she has been at her friends house only calling me 2 out of the 6 days she comes meet me at work. I simply ask her if everything was ok and if things would be like they were hanging out and stuff. She tells me yes I promise when I go back home it will be like it was, not 10 seconds later she tells me that things are not ok with us. She spent that week not calling me to see if she would miss me and she said she didn't miss me like she thought she would of. She ended everything that night, said she didn't even want to be my friend and to not call her. So I never called her, Monday at 12:30 midnight she text me saying how words can't never say how bad she feels for hurting me, wish she could take it all back and if I would be ok to see her, I didn't text back, respected her wishes and left her alone. Well Saturday a week after she ended us she called me asking me to go see her, so I went and we talked and had sex. Well today she was supposed to come see me and she backed out and said she would call me right back, and you know it she never called me back.............somehow I knew Saturday would of been a big mistake, but sometimes we do stupid things, now I know I need to just stay away cause she will keep playing me like a yo-yo. NC starts today!! will be hard though, she was a fun girl to hang out with!

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The thing is even though there was no commitment, it felt like we were that official couple. Her words and actions led me to believe she felt the same way I did. Finding out Saturday it was just words. I know 5 months isn't that long but we clicked so good and had great times together, she led me on and that is what pisses me off. I went one week leaving her alone, she was the one that called me and now she is back to the games. Even the Saturday (week after she ended it)she still saying those 3 words to me. I miss hanging out with her, but I can't take the lies anymore. I agree friends w/benifiets someone will end up hurt, can't help your feelings. Unfourtunatly I was the one that fell for her. I just hope she don't keep calling me every other week when I am trying to move on, cause I know I am weak and will probably fall for her again........I need tips on how to not answer the phone!!!

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