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I guess I should give up now

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He is ignoring me. I think he might have even changed his phone number. My son got hurt on Saturday (not his child) and I tried to call him because I thought he'd want to know. I got a weird message from my cell company saying the call couldn't be completed. I was too chicken to try again after a few hours for fear that's what he really did. I can't imagine that he would do this because of old friends and the like, but I don't know. I e-mailed him about it and have heard nothing. My best friend e-mailed him last week about possibly talking with him and she hasn't heard from him either. I know he's in town. I guess this is really it. I keep telling myself that he just needs the space and if I do NC he'll be back. Quitting is not something I'm at all good at. My friend might see him tomorrow night, they are in a civic group together, but I'm betting he'll avoid it to avoid her. I'm just totally at a loss. If you don't know my story, find it here...


Do men really propose to women they don't want to marry?

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Yes sometimes men do propose when they don't want to marry....mainly if there is pressure. In your last post you said.

" I had been pushing him pretty hard to get married, but when he finally did it he seemed thrilled!"

Why push someone to marry you??

If you felt the need to push...maybe he wasn't the right man. Don't have a friend talk to him...there isn't a need to. You See all the signs. He's not the man for you. He's even seeing another women. Don't waste your time & engery with him. That you can't make contact with him is a blessing...thank God for it. There is a reason for it & I think it's the best thing for you. Stay away from him,you don't need him. Now is the time to focus on You. And your child.

I am so sorry for the hurt you are feeling & for your sons injury. But Stay strong. If God brought you to this he'll bring you through it.

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