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How sure am I with This chic

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There is this chick I meet when we started collage same course last 5 months for sometime now we have become inseparable. Advice me the lady says she loves me very much but she can't make to be my girlfriend because she is still hooked to her first love who lives in another Town

We meet daily with this lady she comes to my place we spent a lot of quality time though I have not had her kiss with her but last time when I tried she told me she was not ready. I call her almost daily, to me am ready for a lifetime relationship with this lady but the lady seems not to be ready for me the idea of her loving me the same way as her first love makes me mad because I feel like am doing a lot for this lady yet she express her love to this other guy but to me it is only empty promises that may be God willing we may be together, this does not have any guarantees at all whenever I tried to give her advice on how to break up with the other guy the lady just push all suggestions I made to her and says its impossible.

She goes ahead and say she cant find words to tell the other guy that they want to break up because to her its will be unfair I have told her your love isn't about being fair but its about her happiness and future. The way she talks about the other guy is like the only bond that holds them together is that first love and the lady feels she owe him

How long will I wait for this lady to summon courage to inform this other guy of new development?

For the next 2 years that we will be in collage away from that other guy what will I do to win her heart?

How do I know that this lady really loves me that her intentions are not only to use me while she is in collage and letter joins her first love?




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She may or may not have problems with her boyfriend. I think that she sees you as a friend and no more. By all means enjoy the friendship but don't be the classical "best friend" who hangs around for years hoping the friendship will develop into something more.

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