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Ok the reason i am posting this is cuz of my sister.My sister has put me through so much stuff.First by saying she is belimic my parents already no and soem of my friends that i trust cuz before and after fights i need someone to call or go to and there always to give me advice, tell me everything will be okay,and push me to do the right thing.i dont no where i or my sister would be without all of them.my sister says she stops but she doesnt she over flowed the toliets once after she threw up and she made me help her clean up and promise not to tell my parents but i jus had to i she needed help so i told my parents and we talked about it that night and we all got in a fight and i coudlnt take it(this was before i became friends with all my friends that i would usually call now) so i didnt cut myself i jus took a object with a pointy/sharp egde and jus like jammed/rubbed it against my arm and it scabbed and then scarred ive done that twice because of her but i dont anymore cuz i jus write raps,songs,poems,quotes and once my sister found one that was hateful,angry,mean and upsetting about her that i wrote and that night was a huge fight but my frrends get me threw and i also can relate to eminem his lyrics are amazing and i can relate to most of them but i get labeled for that i used to be like overly obsessed with him btu now i also liek blink sum41 our lady peace and other bands that lyrics kinda i guess "tell my life" so my sis started throwign up well i found out about april/may'ish and it is now almost october and she still is doing it the other night i caught her throwing up and i got extremly upset and she tried to lie about it swearing i musta not seen it and she didnt do it when i clearly caught her and she continued to lie about until i just started to walk away she admitted to doing it so then she was liek why u think i am doing it?the reason is YOU and u have made my life hell for the last month and and u make me wanna KILL myself(that i wil never forget she is the one that treats me like **** and when she said that i jus fell apart)i told her the reason i watch her is cuz i care about her and she jus was liek whatever so we finished fighting and she went in the shower after telling me that if i told my parents she would jsu do it more and more so i went upstairs,pouring in tears,and called my friend who told me i would have to tell my parents it was the right thing to do it would be better than having her get really sick and being my fault cuz i was to scared to tell anyone so i went downstairs and jsu couldnt do it so i go back upstiars and call my other friend and she says the same thing except she said it was my choice to do the right thing and tell my parents or to let her contunie to lie to me and keep doing it and i finally got that i had to so i got enough courage and went downstairs and my mom noticed i had been crying and pulled me aside and she had to beg me to tell her finally i jus broke down and told her everythign and she acted liek she was there for me and all like shell be ther and then turn around and hr later and ***** at me anywayz so amanda and my dad walks in and its jus a repeat of last months fight and i end up crying and wanting to do somethign stupid my mom always says shell get her help but never does so this time i was liek GET HER HELP AND THIS TIME ACTUALY DO and i think she finally got me and my mom thinks i need help she says im soooo negative and am in my own world and i went a striaght week without talking to her and i never talk to my dad i jus am sorta in my own world at home i eveeryone in my family hates me in some way my mom and dad always compare me to other people and say y cant i be liek them and jus yell randomly at me and my dad jus chooses favorites and then over reacts and yells at me i know this isnt anything to big compared to other people but i jus need advice so that would mean alot

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Do any of yous go to conseling?


I really thing it might be good if your whole family went, not all together tho, by youselves, it will be good for yous.


Your sister really does need help tho, or esle she will just get alot worse. I know what it is like, my sister is the same and she wont listen to a thing i have to say at all, and it is so hard for me to handle, but she is 25 and lives with her son

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do you think that next time you could split up your post into paragraphs? it is unpleasant to read otherwise.


no offense, but it really turned me off to reading the whole thing. for your sister, she needs to stop this behavior, i was bulimic and went through all that, and believe me, it *almost* ruined my life.

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