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Advice Really Needed

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i need your help. (sorry this is a long one)


without going into too much details. me and gf are talking again. we split up rather badly on thursday after a year and a month of been together. and now we are talking again.. and quite happy. i have sorted alot of problems out in my head etc.


yesterday i wanted to see her.. she was really reluctant and didnt want too. in the end i kept pushing her. cause it wasnt one of them things where i wanted to show her over the phone or by text.. i wanted to show her that i had changed in person. anyway we met up. she was very iffy, as can be expected. and i said what i had too. and she seemd so much happier. she even came back to my place to see frankie! (my little puppy) yet half hour ago she didnt wanna come near me or see me again


anyway she read a letter i had wrote her n she cried. happy tears. n she had to go, n walked her home. nothing like i used too, we just talked about this, made each other laugh n when i came near here house. i stopped and said "this is where i turn around" n she looked sad. i was nervous, but i plucked up n said "do you want a hug" and she said she didnt know.. so ok i left it. and then she said "yeah go on then i would like one" i hugged her and something inside me blew up. it felt incredible almost like time stood still..


"wow i miss this, and i miss you so much" she said

i said "i miss you too, and thank you for coming out to see me."


we stopped hugging and started just looking at each other. i had the urge to kiss her like old times. but i didnt she said whats up, cause i was smiling wen ii was thinking about kissin her. n i was about to say what.. next thing i know she is kissing me.. like full on kissing. n it went on for a good 20 seconds lol, when it finished i was so shocked i was left speachless.. n i said "well i was thinking about giving you a kiss" n then i just thought it and i kissed her again.. it lasted for a while too. somemore words were said but i cant reli member.

in the end she had to go and i said. "let me take you on a date" she said maybe


we got home n we texted and rang each other a few times last night just talking. so now it comes down to this.

either sumtime this week or beginning of next week, i am going to pick her up after college and take her home. she will get ready and were gonna go on a date....


but what should i do for the date? i need something to really blow her head and help her get rid of all her insurcuritys (sp?) and make her believe in herself that we could make a much happier and better go of me and her

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Well... you were together for a year.. what things does she like to do?

Were there or are there any other things you guys wanted to do but didn't get a chance to?


Please be yourself. Don't go over the top because it comes off as being... "too good to be true"


How about taking her to the museum? or a play? or lol.... somewhere fun like a game arcade.

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