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help kissing please..

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hi.. i was wondering what is the right way to french kiss.. like when you kiss with your tongue and all.. when your done with the tongue part do you give them a peck on the lips then more tongue.. peck.. tongue and so on till your done? i dunno this is a weird question to ask kind of :S

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well iv kissed him before.. but it felt like i wasnt kissing right and when i thought about it.. i was really embarrassed :S.. like we'd use some tongue.. then peck.. then tongue then peck.. i dunno it was weird :S.. is that usually how a normal french kiss is though?.. do we both peck? or? i dunno.. grr i hate this lol

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oh i see.. well i got the tongue part fine.. but like i dont like the "peck" kissing part cuz like.. i dont get it???.. i dont see how you peck kiss at exactly the same time lol.. once he peck kissed me and right after he did i did.. i thought that was really embarrassing for some reason cuz isnt it stupid to be like at the same time or something? i dunno.. explain someone! i hate doing things wrong

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Everyone has a different style of kissing. And you the style you adapt is the one that feels most comfortable to you.


For instance.. I have a thing about running the tip of my tongue over thier upper lip. Its sensitive... and it tickles a little. and you'll usually get a giggle out of them. or I like to nibble on bottom thier bottom lip.. lol.



Its ok to be silly. There's nothing wrong with it. its good to laugh. And to talk while your kissing. don't take yourself so seriously. Its not the Olympics you are going after.


You'll be fine... just relax... and go along with the flow.

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yes but like... i think i LOVE this girl... and i really really really dont want to embarrass myself in front of her cuz i absolutely love her.. like seriously i just want it to be perfect and no mess ups because the one day she said she had the erge to kiss me but she didnt and tomorrow i see her ahhhhhh!!

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yes yes.. i dont kno what overzealous and lethargic mean lol.. but like it feels like i peck kiss wrong.. like its suppose to be at the same time right? like me and her should peck at the same time right? well i dont see how you can do it at the exact same time.. i dunno i wanna get this perfect lol.. cuz ahhh i like her so much lol

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overzealous: Excessively enthusiastic


lethargic: deficient in alertness or activity


And I'm not sure how to explain it about the same time question. It's like, you just gotta pay attention to the other person and try to be in tune with them. Take cues from what the other person does.

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Hey dont worry just make fun outta it, when i am with my partner we play around act stupid. We have also kissed in all diff places like under water, under the shower, upside down, etc, kissing is spose to be fun, so stop worring and go and have some fun

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