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wanting to ask an older girl out

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ok, so theres this girl that works at the front booth at the gym i workout at, i think shes very pretty, and i usually just say hi or smile, and she does the same back but thats kinda her job, but last night after working my jobs, i went there with about 30 minuets till closing cas i nothing else to do so i wanted a small workout, well to my surprise, she works on fridays to and closes the place down, but i went in adn signed in and did a small workout then she came over the intercom that said 5 minuets till closing, so i left, and as i walked out she was locking up a room, and she went to pass by so i smiled and she said have a good night and is aid have a good weekend and she said thanks, but i got almsot to the door and turned around and went back and said " hey wats your name?" and she told me and is aid ok, i've seen you work here but never knew who you were, and she said ya we're supposed to where name tags but i don't have one and we can get in trouble but i've jsut got lucky , then i asked is she still in school or has she graduated, and she said she graduated in 2004, so then i knew her age, and we talked about school and graduating and where she went to school, and jsut small thigns like that, i only talked for like 8 minuets cas they had to leave, and she said on the intercom, it's now 9 we need everyone to please leave so we may close thank you.. so i said do i need to go, and she said, no, well not right away, and i said it's kool i need to go anyway and she said ok, so i said i'll seeya around, nice to meet you and she said you to have a good night. so with that i left and well shes 19 and 17 and i'll be 18 in january, but can someone tell me some good things to talka bout, i know her name and stuff but i jsut wanna be able to go in there and jsut start a conversation and then ask her to a movie or something smaller sometime, but mainly just need to talk to her on fridays cas no one was there except like 2 ppl, so thats probably my best time to go, so any help will be appreciated thanks

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ya that sounds good, thanks, fridays tho is like the ebst time tho, and she was getting ready to clsoe but she stayed and talked and didnt walk away pr anything so i think i pretty much had her interest, but i just wanna be able to walk in on mondays, tuesdays, and thursdays and jsut be like hey mrs. kristy how are you? and then go with that and say have a good day before i leave, and then on friday nights have a small chat and they close at 9 so we might can go get sumthing small afterwards, just like a... idk i'd think of soemthing, but thats if she really even wants to go with me tho lol, i suck when it comes to getting dates with girls so i jsut kinda hope for the best.

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