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Well i've been posting my problems with my long term girlfriend for a while. We are both 16 and had a relationship for 1 year 8 months.


The break up happened yesterday, it was mutual the reasons were...


1. She wanted to be a lot more involved with her friends, she felt that she was missing out.


2. She was not 100% into our relationship, but I was so in the end I was the one getting hurt.


I confronted her yesterday, telling her that shes been distant and not putting much effort into our relationship and she said she did notice it. I told her that maybe she needs to realise how important I am or maybe not and the only way to tell would be to break up, and if we were meant to be we would get back together.


I took control of the mutual break up and initiated NC instantly and told her that she should only contact me if she wanted me back.


I miss her like crazy but Im not showing it...


She talked to a few people I know and they told me that she wanted us to be friends. So the same day as the break up I sent a text saying:


"Hey... I just want to let you know that I do want to be friends with you but thats after I get over you."


She replied "oh really? how are you? Can I call you tmmrw?" 20 mins later.


I didnt reply after that. The next morning I replied "sorry I didnt reply, I couldnt text you at the time"


So its Day 3 and Im holding strong... The only problem for me is that Im being hopeful and Im hoping this plan will attack her insecurities and make her think twice about what she wants and we can get back together.


Also I dont know how to reply if she texts me saying where have you been today? or

What are you doing now?


She also sent a text saying "If we're meant to be then were gonna get back together"... I just left it, should I reply? If so what do I say?


HEEEELP MEEEEE I want her back... but in the end I know this can go either way and NC will help me prepare for it as well as help me get her back in a way. ](*,)


Thanks in advance greatly appreciated.

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Well it looks like your in a rough situation....its good at least that she is not blowing you off completely. I can see how much you care for her and the pain you must be feeling right now. I would just continue to lay low and let her iniate contact with you. Like you said if its meant to be its meant to be. And if it isnt....don't give up there are still plenty of women to have relationships with, your still young yet.


Good luck with everything.

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