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I feel I screwe up and loosing a good friend

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I guess I feel that I screwed up some how when I guess most people would say "its not me, but her." I dated her for 3 months when something happened and I will never know why, typical of most females to not tell their significant others why they end the relationship. Well, its happened to me 3 times and I want to learn from my mistakes, but hard to learn from your mistakes when you dont know what you did, right, right.


Anyways, we have so much fun together. We flirt with one another, but I now how far I can take it since we are not dating anymore. I was teaching her volleyball and having fun doing it. Two weeks ago we hung out, had a beer and she looked so good and I told her that. The next day we went to her friends volleyball game and I found out she dated him. Well, last weekend we went to Niagara Falls together with 3 of her other friends. We had a great time there and on the way as well, we laughted, etc. On the way back she played some romantic songs and it was hard for me to listen to since I know wish I could be with her as a boyfriend. I was quiet and I think she might have read that, but I still joked around. She send me the pictures saying my dearest........ I then called her to let her know about someone leaving their shoes in my car. She said she would call back and didnt. I sent her an email and she hasnt responded. I dont know what I did or causing her to feel like this? This happened once before and she came around. I know we are only FRIENDS and have a great time together. I diffenetly dont want to get between her and her boyfriend and want to let her know that.


What can I do? I feel is was my fault because maybe she read my feelings while on our trip? I want to let her know that I still want her in my life, but its only as friends since she doesnt want anything more and we planned on doing things together, but feel I have some what screwed that up. I still talk to another ex and I always ask how her and her boyfriend are doing, no grudges. I dont want her to hate me. How can I let her know this? I guess give it time without contacting her? I want to let her know that we are only friends.


What can I do?

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I want to let her know that we are only friends.


But you aren't only friends, are you? You want more from this 'friendship'. IMO in order to truly be friends with an ex you have to be 'over' them and it doesn't sound to me that you are over this woman.


If I were to hazard a guess about her behaviour I would say that the new squeeze isn't very happy about her hanging out with a recent ex and maybe got a bit freaked about you being on that trip (I read it as he wasn't there).

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