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Scary dream...


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I'm not sure where to put this and I don't know how many people here believe dreams have a hidden message or meaning,or just reflect your emotions and stuff like that..Anyway,last night in my dream I was talking on the phone with my boyfriend,while my mother was in the room,yelling at me.I yelled back at her and then,while we were planning with my bf when to see each other,he out of nowhere said "we've gotta talk".I asked "about what..?" and he kept silent.I knew of course what this meant and when I woke up I was very scared...Now I feel like this might come true...or what?

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No need to worry. You need to occupie yourself with daily tasks, that way you will not have any time to worry about dreams. Your decisions determine your life, not your dreams.


I remember my dreams too, I dream in color, and once I dreamed even on english, that is not my native language. Heh.

Also I dreamed my ex several nights last month, some stupid stuff, annyoing things, like meeting him, and beeing forced to talk with him those stupid small talks....Several days after that he tried to contact me, and I was polite but I showed him that I don't enjoy his company and that I really don't stay friends with people who I used to date. I think it was coincidence.


And I think there is no need to worry about it. it's a dream, a way of dealing with stresses from our day life. I rearly dream nice dreams. It's a way your subconscious deals with everyday frustrations. Don't believe your dreams, they are just leftovers from your previous days.

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Every person has different types of dreams, sure don't take it seriously but I've had occasions where my sister dreamed about something similar or in another instance, I solved a problem I couldn't figure out at work & woke up excited.


Sometimes it's a good reminder as dreams do dig up memories from the past you've never realized existed still.

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