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well i didnt really break it as i cannot even begin it.so hard.


I was wih my Boyfriend for 2 plus years and we had a pretty good releationship, however on our first vacation we got into a really big fight.and now it is 2 months later, i have givin him no space at all when he said he wasnt sure what he wanted i begged, pleaded, ecty ect.


i sent him a email today just saying sorry for the way i have been, and saying i hoped he was ok.he actually emailed me back, and said i understand, and he would like to still see me to talk.he also said sorry for being a A$$hole.

what should i take from this?he told me for the longest time that he wasnt sure, then in the midst of a fight last week he said it was over as i wasnt givin him space.

im not sure if i should see him, but i really want to,i dont want this to end, it was my fault everything happened, and he just isnt sure if in the end he can trust me.I didnt cheat on him, just was really mean.

i just dont know if he wants to see each other to end things officially.


any advice?

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If he is asking for space, then you need to give it to him. Your desire to not want space is not relavent. Either you need a relationship that doesn't require such space, or you need to learn to give it.


I would step back for a while. Let him know that you don't want the relationship to end, but will give him some breating room, if you really want to see if things can get better.


However, I see that you have had two fights. have there been more? Are they getting more regular? What have they been over. Is the space issue the reason, or just one of the things that come up?

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I'm sorry if i wasn't clear... I agree with michelleth... you should seee him. Though, I would just say that you are willing to give him space and then try and do so.


But yeah, avoiding him totally at this stage isn't going to help. Seeing him if he asks to see you is giving him space.

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Michelle meant to edit her post but she deleted it, sorry


If he wants to see you then you should see him. If he does want to end it, let him. Don't beg and pled. (very unattractive).


Whatever you claim to be at fault for, well sometimes there are consequences when we hurt someone we love.


Good luck

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Thanks for the help.The fights are just recent, i mean we argue over little things but always work things out, in the last 2 years nothing major.the fight in st thomas was a silly one that got out of hand, i just blew up on him while we where away, alot of things lead to that, none of which he did just the feelings i had within me.our planes where delayed, missed a few days away due to teh delays, had to cut the trip short due to upcoming threating weather., on the plane home i just said alot of horrible things, and when we got back home i just blurted out its over.

I feel that the vacation was a turning point for us and i ruined it.

the fight last week was just about me honestly calling him all the time, just wanting a answer.he feels that i betrayed him while we where away as we where in a club and he went to get us drinks and came back and told me about a girl who tried to pick him up, it really didnt get me mad but i just was annoyed with him telling me, i certainly know he is good looking and i dont tell him about every man that looks my way, but it just bugged me.one thing lead to another and we fought outside.teh cops where kinda driving around and he kept asking me to keep it down which i didnt, then we went back to teh hotel and he asked if i would care if teh cops arrested him, as people witnessed him yelling at me and grabbing my arm,i was just so angry at the moment i aske dhim to just stop talking and he kept asking me over and over again so i said no i dont care if the cops arrest you, he feels because he is black and im white that i had the upper hand,the thing is though the COPS never even came around us.so that is why he feels i betrayed him, his mom told him a white girl will never have your back in the end, and this is why we fought, sounds so silly in the end,im just hurting so much, i have said sorry a million time, and truly i am sorry.

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So weekends are the hardest for me when im not working.Im not sure who has read my posts, but i just dont know what he is wanting.

we are broken up, that i do know, but the way it ended seemed so unlikley.

so i mentioned he emailed me, said would like to still see each other and talk in person, most of our conversations except for 2 have been over the phone, we live about 1 hr apart.

im questioning why he wants to see each other, so i called him 2 days after the email, and we talked about nothing, but was nice to not HAVE to talk about us, at the end of the call he said thanks for calling???????i just didnt get that, can anyone help me figure out if i should meet with him, im just starting to get adjusted to being alone, and sometimes i stillcannot even believe it, so my question is, with the possiblity that we will meet and he ends things, which they alreday are ended, why should i go talk to him?that will just hurt me in the end more.Although it sounds nice have a nice mature conversation of goodbyes, i know i wont be able to stay strong and compossed, but im also then thinking WHAT IF HE WANTS TO WORK THINGS OUT?that is what holding on to........

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